Dr. Linda Zuze is the founder and director of Chimango Research. She has extensive experience in the design, management and analysis of social surveys spanning across several African countries. Recently, she headed research that focused on the development of the financial sector in Zambia. She has also worked as a resident researcher, senior university academic and as a technical adviser to a number of government departments across the continent.

Linda has used her experience and training to promote the technical rigour of African research. She has also been involved in programmes that help to bridge the gap between research and policy using a variety of methods. She has published extensively and has written numerous op-eds for many of South Africa’s leading newspapers.

Linda is passionate about capacity building and nurturing the talent of emerging female researchers. Linda has a PhD in Economics from the University of Cape Town. Her PhD was the winner of the 2009 Founder’s Medal, which is awarded by the Economics Society of South Africa for the top PhD in Economics in South Africa each year.


Chimango’s vision is to find the best answers to questions about development.

Chimango provides technical expertise and insights to clients with an interest in development research. So far, Chimango has performed technical and statistical analysis of data for governments, NGOs, private sector clients and development agencies. In the future, we plan to expand to provide training to clients on understanding and using data. We will also link development companies with local partners and help them to understand domestic conditions, strengthening their proposals for local research and intervention.

The word ‘Chimango’ means ‘a tying together’. Chimango is passionate about strengthening links between research, policy and practice in order to increase developmental impact.

Why is Chimango Unique
The volume of research data on developing economies has increased dramatically. We know about education, health, employment and access to the financial sector than we have in the past and iIt is tempting to lose perspective and simplify complex realities. What makes Chimango unique is a commitment to every stage of the research process, from identifying the problem, to designing a research study, collecting  and analysing the data and finally to communicating the results. Chimango understands that each stage is equally important and that good research needs to be accessible. Clients need to understand what the results mean. Clients also need to be part of the conversation about how the quality of information can be improved if impact is to be meaningful. Chimango also supports investors who are unfamiliar with a local context to fully understand the issues on the ground. Finally, Chimango is passionate about telling the nuanced stories behind the research through written articles, round table discussions and social media.

What we do

  • Expertise in best research methods
  • Data analytics
  • Research design
  • Evaluation of data quality
  • Public policy analysis of development interventions
  • Capacity building – training clients in the analysis of data and accessible interpretation of results
  • Thought leadership
  • Business development – link/support in bidding for overseas development assistance projects