Research Enabling Solutions

These days, we know more about global poverty and inequality than ever before. Countries have done their part by agreeing (on paper at least) to work towards development goals that provide a roadmap to a better quality of life for all. These goals come with indicators so we can track how countries are doing, where they are ranked relative to others and where they need to improve.

What is great about this trend is that more and more individuals and group are recognising that poverty is not something we need to live with or accept. Change is possible with the right information and a suitable level of commitment.

Many developing countries also take part in local studies so that they can dig deeper into issues that are specific to their citizens. Understanding what the problems are is the right place to begin but it is not enough.

At Chimango, we recognise that for research to have a lasting impact on development, many different factors need to be aligned. On the one hand, decision makers need to have the right evidence about what policies and interventions can make a difference.

On the other, researchers and analysts need to understand that whatever the numbers tell us, context counts. Results need to be shared in the right way so that local complexities and nuances form part of the discussion.

Research insights also need to be communicated widely to promote awareness and increase advocacy. As research data continues to accumulate, local researchers need the right skills and training to participate in existing studies and to design their own.

At Chimango, we are passionate about finding the best answers to questions about development. We are aware that no single individual or group has all of the answers. The word ‘Chimango’ means a tying together. Our expertise lies in bringing together good research, accessible results and thoughtful conversations about how to encourage change.